Green Building Products Guide
for Wisconsin and the Midwest
There are so many building products and materials on the market with green claims and labels that it's hard to know which to choose.
Are they really green?  Are they appropriate for your project, priorities or budget?
The Green Building Products Guide - a web-based directory by UW-Extension of green building products
and where to get them in Wisconsin and the Midwest - can help you answer those questions. It is a tool
arranged in CSI format to help you identify and find green building products that are both healthy for your family
and clients and mindful of the environment. It is geared to any user from homeowner, builder, remodeler,
architect, to government or business purchasing agents.

Search the Green Building Products Guide for:
  • Which green building products are on the market - searchable database by  product category or search feature
  • What makes the product green - product descriptions and certifications
  • How one compares with another product
  • Where to get them - links to distributors and retailers
  • Who manufacturers them - link to manufacturer's site
  • What the certifications mean - certifications glossary
  • What the green terms mean - glossary of terms
  • How to choose among green claims - choosing green in about tab
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