Wisconsin LEED Certified
Buildings Database

Developed by UW-Extension, it is a searchable tool that maps LEED certified projects across the state and lists the project type and certification earned, owner, the design and building team, along with a picture of the building.

Why does it matter?
Green Building is a significant industry for Wisconsin employing more than 82,000 and grossing more than $12 billion in annual revenue (WisconsinMarket Brief, US Green Building Council, 2011).  There are nearly 2,000 LEED credentialed professionals in Wisconsin working to create the market transformation to green buildings.

There are more than 205 LEED certified buildings with another 230 or more registered for third-party certification in Wisconsin to the high performance green building system, LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. UW-Extension's Wisconsin LEED Certified Buildings will keep you informed of LEED projects when they are certified.

It is a testament to our capable, talented WI green building businesses, to the environmental ethic of our public and private building owners and to the feasibility of LEED design in Wisconsin!

Why use it?
  • Show your clients LEED certified buildings in your region that your firm has worked on
  • Tell your elected officials about buildings in their district or region
  • Find green hospitals, schools, fire stations, retail establishments, or other specific building types in Wisconsin
  • Use the information to decide whether to pursue LEED certification
  • Showcase your LEED project and promote your environmental responsibility

My LEED certified building is not in the database. How do I get it listed?
Help populate the database with information about your LEED project team and provide a photo if not already posted. Send information to Sherrie at gruder@engr.wisc.edu

For more information about projects in the database
Including Project ID numbers, please see the spreadsheet below (periodically updated).

WI LEED Projects List (Last Updated 3/8/13)


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